Among speakers and guests 2017:

Mikhail Ershov, head, department of automotive and aviation gasoline and additives, VNII NP

Mikhail Ershov,

Head, department of automotive and aviation gasoline and additives,

Boris Chernyshev, project manager, baltic fuel company

Boris Chernyshev,

Project Manager,
Baltic Fuel Company

Natalia Bagayeva, deputy general director, Interferrum-Metall

Natalia Bagayeva,

Deputy general Director,

Andrey Chelyshev, interim manager, Rosstandart North-West

Andrey Chelyshev,

Interim Manager,
Rosstandart North-West

Igor Kaplunov, deputy director, Bertys-M Balkhash tank farm

Igor Kaplunov,

Deputy Director,
Bertys-M Balkhash tank farm

Gleb Gorodyankin, oil markets edito, Thomson Reuters

Gleb Gorodyankin,

Oil markets edito,
Thomson Reuters

Daiske Harada, deputy director, department for research and analysis, JOGMEC

Daiske Harada,

Deputy director, Department for research and analysis,

Irina Agarkova, senior manager, Logistics network

Irina Agarkova,

Senior manager,
Logistics network

Evgeniya Ilyashevich, head of resources support, GEO

Evgeniya Ilyashevich,

Head of Resources Support,

Key programme features 2017:

  • Export priorities for companies and marketing strategy in the context of global prices turbulence. Where to find funding for the creation of new transport infrastructure to new markets?
  • NEW! Changing the course: shift of domestic Russian oil flow for export. What are the prospects for new export sour oil flows and the specific features of of pricing?
  • PANEL DISCUSSION OF TRADERS! The role of the exchange in trades structuring: major players of the Russian and international exchange segment. What are the main problems of the exchange trade development in Russia?
  • Factoring features in the field of petroleum products supply. Successful trading funding – from large companies to the SME sector
  • Modern methods of tank farms and oil terminals’ design, construction and reconstruction
  • Important! Dialogue with technical directors: What are the problems faced by Russian and international tank farms and oil terminals today and how are they being solved?
  • Hot focus! Regulatory Discussion: How applicable is the Russian current regulatory framework for ensuring optimum operation of tank farms and oil terminals?
  • Special session: accounting, control and quality assurance of crude oil and petroleum products
  • Innovations in the tank farms and oil terminals’ equipment
  • New developments: automation of production processes
  • New! Technologies of petroleum vapour collection, return and recycling at gas stations and tank farms

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