ZAO OGE Engineering is an engineering company specializing in packaged supplies of equipment and provision of services to companies of shipbuilding, petrochemical, chemical, and gas industry, offshore platforms and ports.
The company is involved in engineering and equipment supplies, such as:

  • Hose systems and loading stations;
  • Liquid and gaseous media transfer hoses;
  • Wireline equipment and quick release systems;
  • Subsea production facilities and units;
  • Wellhead equipment;
  • Subsea manifolds;
  • Isolation valves, pump and compressor equipment;
  • Aluminum domes and pontoons;
  • Antifouling systems and fish protection devices for offshore platforms;

Our solutions are always based on customer needs and expectations, and we work with leading global manufacturers to implement such solutions.
Our team of highly qualified specialists adapts advanced technologies and developments to Russian regulations, standards, and customer requirements.
For most cases technical solutions are the results of joint efforts between customer’s specialists and our engineers.