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to RPK Vysotsk LUKOIL 2

21 November 2018

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The key facility objective consists in oil export transits. The main asset is a maritime oil terminal in Vysotsk.

Terminal specifications:
The distribution transshipment facility Vysotsk LUKOIL 2 commissioned in 2004 is located in the Leningrad region, the Vyborg Bay.

The terminal serves for petroleum reception from pipe, rail or sea transport and its transshipment to 80k-t tankers for further exports. The facility’s throughput capacity exceeds 12 mtpa from railroad and 3 mtpa from Primorsk-Vysotsk pipeline commissioned in the late 2015.

Construction of the facility’s offshore part involved the creation of the artificial water zone, a 40-mile navigational route, three gantries, and a 100m dam. In the context of terminal design engineering, a special focus was put on environmental safety. It is primarily associated with glass-in-glass oil and petroleum storage tanks, which have double walls preventing petroleum leak. Each reservoir has a duck pond protecting soil and groundwater from pollution.

Facilities visited:

Petersburg Oil Terminal

Ust-Luga Port

Lukoil-Vysotsk II Tank Farm "Ust-Luga"


Spetsmornefteport Primorsk

Baltic Pipeline System (BTS-2)



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