Sponsorship 2017:

6 reasons to hurry up to register as a sponsor:

  • Immerse yourself in a world of business meetings: unique contacts with prospective business partners organised for you by a dedicated manager of our world-class team
  • Asserting yourself: draw the attention of industry’s captains to demonstrate to them your products and services with an exhibition booth or stand.
  • Confirm your status of a significant player through organizing a social event as well as placing your logo on the event’s Memorabilia.
  • Show yourself in the best light possible by means of delivering a report or presentation: all attention will be locked on your company only!
  • Be head and shoulders above your competitors: demonstrate your leadership to your target audience and all the key players in the sector.
  • Outstrip everybody: get strategic information about the development of the industry from c-suites, and determine the future course of development for your company.



  • Personal manager helping with organising business meetings for you our world-class events managers team will be assigned to you to assist with meetings at the event. You will be able to connect with all key players of the industry.
  • Making a presentation* – an opportunity to address a highly targeted audience and present yourself at the Conference. A strictly limited number of slots. *Paid service.
  • Get the benefit of being promoted via an exhibition display – be ahead of your competitors and get full attention by extended exposure! Your display will be placed in a best possible location, so that potential customers and clients can get interested and bomb you with questions about your business!
  • Access to lounge rooms for business meetings and commercial negotiations – during 2 days our team will provide you with access to lounge rooms to establish business connections. You will get a unique opportunity to speak and present your company in a best way.